Moving Mario


Interactive Installation

Artist Statement

Over the years, the development of video games is trying its best to produce the virtual reality experience which getting closer to the reality. By changing the interface, from Atari’s joystick to Analog Vibration of PS2 joystick, then Gun Shape controller for shooting game, and Dance Mania’s floor controller to Wii wiimote, video game design is creating more and more “physical experience” for the players. Players now can actual smash and swing to play the game, but we are still playing the games in a 2D virtual environment: manipulating the character in an unlimited virtual space in a fixed static limited real world.

Moving Mario is definitely not reproducing Super Mario Bros in another way. By grabbing partial concept and some of the key elements behind the TV game development, Moving Mario is trying to challenge some of the traditional game elements. Throughout the gaming process, players can rethink the relationship between the player and the game


多年來,電玩遊戲不斷朝著更趨近現實的擬真(virtual reality)經驗發展。從搖桿式遊戲、射擊遊戲、地板式跳舞機到最新的 wiimote 遊戲,電玩遊戲設計出越來越接近玩家的實體經驗(physical experience),並且真實地融入遊戲角色的動作。然而,遊戲仍然只存在於平面的虛擬環境裡:亦即在一個靜態、受限的「現實」世界中操縱遊戲的角色。

Moving Mario 並非再複製「超級馬力歐兄弟」的遊戲。作品擷取了電視遊戲機背後的部分概念與重點,試圖挑戰傳統的遊戲元素。透過遊戲整個的互動過程,玩家可以重新思考玩家與遊戲之間的關係。


榮譽提名, 互動藝術組, PRIX Ars Electronica 2008 (奧地利電子藝術節)


微波國際新媒體藝術節 2007,香港,2007
CyberArts 08, Ars Electronica (奧地利電子藝術節), OK Center for Contemporary Art, 林茲, 奧地利,2008
Split Film Festival, Split,克羅地亞(克羅埃西亞),2008
AveCom, Arnhem,荷蘭,2008
ISEA (Artist Presentation),Ulster,英國,2009
FILE 2009 (國際電子語言藝術節),聖保羅,巴西,2009
MarioViva (微波國際新媒體藝術節主辦),香港,2010
ACA 交流電,高雄駁二藝術特區,台灣,2011


Honrary Mention, Interactive Arts, PRIX Ars Electronica 2008

Selected Exhibition

Microwave Internatioinal New Media Arts Festival 2007,Hong Kong,2007
CyberArts 08, Ars Electronica , OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria,2008
Split Film Festival, Split,Croatia,2008
AveCom, Arnhem,The Netherlands,2008
ISEA (Artist Presentation),Ulster,UK,2009
FILE 2009,Sau Paulo,Brazil,2009
MarioViva (organize by Microwave Internatioinal New Media Arts Festival),Hong Kong,2010
ACA, The Pire-2 Art Center, Taiwan, 2011


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