One Day Social Sculpture


Information Visualisation, Installation, Interactive Fabrication

Artist Statement

The idea of “Social Sculpture” comes from Joseph Beuys’ most famous quote, “Everyone is an artist”, and is based around the notion of creating sculptures out of society, in the process serving to reshape and remake our universe.
This universe that “everyone” is “reshaping” or “remaking” has moved, or been extended, from the physical to the virtual; through the internet, and, specifically, through our contributions to social networks, the virtual world is constantly changing. The online version we are all creating together is thus in some ways a fake world, but at the same time it comes from the feedback and actions of the real world.
“One Day Social Sculpture” extend the idea of “Social Sculpture” through an exploration of the notion that, through the internet, we are all artists. As a composite of the real and virtual worlds, it takes the daily contributions made by people to social networks, and then sculpts and shapes them into physical forms. The result is a series of “social sculptures” that blur the line between virtual and real world society.

Sky++,Goethe-Institut,Hong Kong Arts Centre,Organizer: Department of Cultural and Creative Arts,Hong Kong Institute of Education,2013
(S)CUL(P)TURE,Solo exhibition of Keith LAM,Videotage,Cattle Depot,Hong Kong,Organizer: Videotage,2013
Update_5 ,Technology as Context – International Art Exhibition,Brussel,Belgium,2014
ART.FAB.LAB,K11 ,Hong Kong,2014
The City Survival Kit,AVA Gallery,, Hong Kong Baptist University,Hong Kong,2016
The Return of Analog Poetry,National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts,Taiwan,2016
hello, world,Taoyuan Art x Technology.,Taiwan,2017



“One Day Social Sculpture” 伸延“社會雕塑” 的概念﹣“在互聯網上,人人都是藝術家”。通過擷取來自社交網絡中各人的“行為貢獻”,把現實和虛擬世界合成,每天塑造出一件真實的雕塑。這個雕塑是由互聯網這個延伸至社會雕塑概念的成果,把虛擬和現實社會的關係模糊掉。

歌德學院,香港藝術中心,主辦: 香港教育學院文化與創意藝術學系,2013
《話之作》,林欣傑之個展,錄映太奇,牛棚藝術村,香港,主辦: 錄映太奇,2013
Update_5 ,Technology as Context – International Art Exhibition,布魯塞爾,比利時,2014
ART.FAB.LAB,K11 ,香港,2014
The City Survival Kit 城市急救包,香港浸會大學,視覺藝術院畫廊,香港,2016




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