Signal Morphor: The Orchestra 訊.變: 奏鳴曲


Information Visualization, Performance

Artist Statement 

Communication as score, performs the immaterial signal. This is a performance of signal and communication. Audience is performer, the communication is audiovisual; Dancer as the transceiver of information, reacting to the information, perform his response to the information; Umbrella as the information pavilion environment of the dancer, receiving and transmitting signal and information. 5 dancers in the show, each of them have an umbrella. The umbrella has device embedded which can receive wireless signal including WIFI and 3G. The music and visual are generated by the received wireless signal (both sent and received by the mobile phone of the specific dancer). Dancer can actively make phone calls, web surfing or send sms, anything use the mobile, at the same time, dancer take a passive role to receive calls and text from audiences via mobile phone. The visual behind a specific dancer is representing his/her received/sent signal.

Exhibition / Performance:
Sense LIVE!, Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Hong Kong, 2011
404 Festival, Argentina, 2011


5位舞者在演出時都各有一把雨傘。雨傘內藏無線訊號感應器,接收包括WIFI 和 3G的無線訊號。接收到的訊號會洐生成音樂和影像(訊號為該舞者的手機發出或接收)。舞者可以主動打電話,上網或發短訊等,同時,他也會被動的接收觀眾打進的電話和發來的短訊等。而舞者身後的影像為該舞者接收或發出的訊號。

展覽 / 表演:
Sense LIVE!, 香港演藝學院, 香港, 2011
404 Festival, 阿根廷, 2011


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