The Orchestra


Artist Statement

“To see that wheel turning was very soothing, very comforting…I enjoyed looking at it, just as I enjoy looking at the flames dancing in a fireplace.”

Marcel Duchamp elaborated how he liked watching audiences spin the wheel of his work Bicycle Wheel in its original exhibition – which audiences could never again do after that first exhibition.

This is the first of Marcel’s ready-made objects, where interaction was welcome in its original character (though it was never touched or spun later); his concept has been borrowed by many artists since then.

"Cycling Wheel: The Orchestra" borrows the idea of Marcel’s Bicycle Wheel, re-activating the wheel into a dynamic and interactive one; here the artist transforms its mechanics into a sound and light controller, and turns these three sets of bicycle wheels into a performative instrument. By embedding audio and lighting in the wheel, the artist creates a dancing flame, just like that described by Marcel Duchamp.

It brings 3 sets of “Cycling Wheel” to the stage, and become the instrument of light beam, light strip and music, compose a multi-media performance of a remade of ready-made master piece.


「看著它[按:指杜象 1913 年的作品《單車輪子》]轉呀轉,那是多心曠神怡的事…我喜歡看著它轉,就像我愛看壁爐裡火焰飛舞一樣。」

杜象說他喜歡看到作品《單車輪子》展出時被觀眾轉動的樣子 - 即使在之後的展覽中觀眾都沒機會再轉動它。


《 Cycling Wheel: The Orchestra 》就借用了《單車輪子》的概念,讓被封印的輪子重新運作。藝術家將輪子本身轉化為控制聲音和光影的機器,把三台單車輪子塑造成表演工具。表演把燈光和聲音和輪子結合,幻化成杜象回憶中那飛舞的火焰。

《 Cycling Wheel : The Orchestra 》將三台單車輪子帶到表演台,分別成為了燈條,光束和聲音的控制器,演奏一場來自「現成物」重塑的新媒體表演。

Technical Setup 技術設定

Tailor Made Control Panel Software
Developed with Processing

Unit00: Music Control
Unit01: Light Beam Control
Unit02: LED Strip Control

On Unit00:
Mac Book Pro
Korg nanoKONTROL2 – Slider
Arduino Leonardo
DMX Controller
DMX Decoder
UNIT00 Software
Ableton Live
MOTU Audio Interface

On Unit01:
Mac Book Pro
Korg nanoKONTROL2 – Slider
Arduino Uno
DMX Controller
DMX Decoder
UNIT01 Software

On Unit02:
Raspberry Pi
DMX Controller
DMX Decoder
UNIT20 Software
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