on camping


Artist Statement

This is a camp site.

Public space is a district formed by the stack holder of community organically. We transform this outdoor space into a camp site, sharing the moment of joy with bicycle and music. Through out music and light instrument that we transformed from readymades, camp site becomes a stage and audience seats, release the function of this privatised area by the fun of audio-visual.

Commission by wow+flutter 

Music and Arrangement:Keith Lam
Creative Coder, Performance:Seth Hon, Keith Lam
Kart and Wheel Craft:Obie Chan



公共空間是一所由民眾有機聚集,進行各種活動的區域。把這個戶外的區域轉化成營地,開著單車帶著樂器來集結分享,我們把帶來露營的現成物 (readymades) 或轉換或變形成樂器和燈光裝置,把營地成為舞台和觀眾席,在這個將被私有化的公共空間來一場聲音和燈光的遊樂。


音樂及編排:林 欣傑
創意編程,表演:韓 家俊,林 欣傑
車及輪子製作:Obie Chan
© Keith Lam 2024