Artist Statement

Economic operation is the fundamental of urban cities. The architectures, urban planning, and the flow of mobile population interact into the development and civilization of a city. Within half a century, the factory is the best witness of this city: transit from industrial based to service based economics.

The former Guangdong Float Glass Factory was constructed in 1985 and the factory was in operation until 2009. Its exquisite artworks were produced under the most advanced automation and mechanization at that stage. This concept of combining technology and artistry is the same as the idea of new media art.

The dynamics movement, ambient sound made by mechanical operations, the linear form created by the mass production lines, and the body movements of workers, interlace into the beauty of industrial era. The factory itself seems like making a tribute to the definition of new media language by art scholars Lev Manovich: automation and modularization, integrating industrial and artistry, dynamics of mechanics and moving flows of city.

“Factory Quintet” transforms new-made machineries into dynamic sculptures with the combination of visions and sounds. With the body movement of the performer, injecting the life and make the form of factory working reborn, revisit the machinery aesthetics of old times.



原廣東浮發玻璃廠, 1985年動工興建到2009年停產,工廠當年以最先進的自動化和機械化,制成精致的工藝成品。這和新媒體藝術同出一徹,都是結合了科技與藝術,展現創作者的想法。工廠中的機械運作所制造出的動態、聲音,流水作業式的運作所創造的線性形態,工人們勞動時的肢體動作,相互交錯出由人和機械結合出的動態展現、 生產過程的聲和形態混合成工業時代的美學。像是對藝術學者Lev Manovich提出的新媒體語言定義中的自動化及模塊化作致敬-輪回的時間、機械的動態、城市和人的流動,把工業和藝術的拼湊、結合。

《輪迴樂曲》 (Factory Quintet) 把新構造的機械,以視覺和聲音結合成動態雕塑,再次植入到這座舊式工廠,把工廠的機械美學重新啟動,再度引出機械的形態和聲音, 以視覺和聽覺把時空折合,演奏工業時代的藝術。

Commissioned by:

Programming, Electronic Engineering :
Keith Lam

Mechanics Engineering and Production:
Mr.Wong (Ko Po Mechancis Co)

Web App Design and Development:
Why Interactive (http://whyinteractive.com)

Production and Setup Assistant:
Comet Wong




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