Artist Statement

Dynamic image is a honest documenter of live rhythm, it marks the dynamics on the film frame by frame. “Film-Sound Wheeler” synthesizes the recorded rhythm, analysis and transforms it into sound, performing the image with arranged-sound.
It is formed and textured with a old-age film projector including its mechanical structure and movements, presenting and performing the image and sound with a analog gesture in the digital era, and let the audience watch the sound, listen the image.
“Film-Sound Wheeler” act like a image-sound clutch, ping-ponging and mixing the content of image and sound, interlaces a visual and sound spatial texture with the light-and-shadow .

TEDxKowloon 2012 Annual Conference

動態影像是生活節奏的誠實紀錄者,把連串的動態一格格刻在底片。 “Film-Sound Wheeler” 將被記錄的節奏合成,分析轉換成聲音,以樂章用聲音演繹影像紀錄。
“Film-Sound Wheeler” 就好像一台影像﹣音樂的離合器,把影像和聲音的內容交互替換,交錯出光影的視覺聲音空間。

TEDxKowloon 2012 Annual Conference
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