Artist Statement

“The street becomes a dwelling for the flâneur; he is as much at home among the façades of houses as a citizen is in his four walls. To him the shiny, enamelled signs of businesses are at least as good a wall ornament as an oil painting is to the bourgeois in his salon. The walls are the desk against which he presses his notebooks; news-stands are his libraries and the terraces of cafés are the balconies from which he looks down on his household after his work is done…”
– Walter Benjamin

Strolling and loafing is an art; using one’s own feelings and perspectives to view each corner of the city. The same corner may have different people seeing it using their own different perspectives, and roaming through it with their own different footsteps, to compose the city of their own viewpoints, and to develop an urban sensitivity to observe and be observed. City is composed by the interaction between people and city; City is composed by the interaction between people and people. “Flâneur Symphony” turns individual wanderings into music. It records the views and experiences of the city which belongs to the individual. The conversation between Flâneur and city – wandering speed, location, interaction with others, etc. – through the flâneur’s steps are captured and turned to musical notes and rhythms. The audience watches and listens, but may choose to reverse the roles and use his own footsteps, to turn from the watcher to be the watched, and let others observe his city.



不亞於一個資產階級者的客廳裡的一幅油畫。 牆壁就是他按住筆記本的書桌;
書報亭是他的圖書館; 咖啡館的階梯是他工作之餘俯視家人的陽台。……」

這是不只現場裝置的伸延,是作品的一個重要閱讀部份:每一個遊歷後組合出來的城市地圖都會被紀錄下來,送到網站。每一個遊歷後組合出來的城市地圖都 會被紀錄下來,送到網站。除了紀錄一個人的城市遊歷之外,各人組合的城市會複合成一個集體的地圖。讓我們再一次重新思考:城市,由不同的人組成,複合成 一城市,灌入了脈博。我們的城市,該如何發展,讓人的再一次以自己的遊歷去思考。

New Media Archeology (2011)
Videotage,Hong Kong

404 International Festival of Electronic Art (2010)

Heritage x Art x Design (2010)
Former Police Married Quarters on Hollywood Road,Hong Kong

新媒體考古 (2011)

404 國際電子藝術節 (2010)

港文化港創意 (2010)
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