Homeward Waves: Ocean



“ So why you back on the shore ? ” "Homeward Waves" at 2020 soothes those who have left the shore with the images and sounds of waves lapping the shore unceasingly.

Through the dialogue between image, sound, space, and people, the organic form of the building is like a moving life form. The space of the theatre is more like the continuous border of the waves than the culvert, with its undulating curves.

"Homeward Waves: Ocean" transforms the spatial contours of the theatre into liquid, and the undulating borderline is transformed into the visual of the wave form, and the dynamics of the waves are set to music. The audience is immersed in the visual and musical composition of the post-natural sea.



“The Era of Human-made“
10 - 28 Feb 2023
National Taichung Theater

T.A.P. Project

The 19-meter-high curved wall structure creates an immersive visual experience space. 
T: Technology Taichung Theater
A: Art/Artist Audience Architect
P: Projector Play Performance

2023/02/10(五) - 2023/02/28(二)
臺中國家歌劇院 2F大劇院前廳


歌劇院將挑高近19米的曲牆結構,打造成一個沉浸式視覺體驗空間,「光之曲幕T.A.P. Project」代表的是:T(科技/劇場/臺中)、A(藝術/建築/觀眾)、P(投影/演出/玩興)的結合,讓歌劇院這個非典型的劇場空間有更多的想像。

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