of Cloud (2021 Edition)

雲圖境像 (2021 版本) 


Artist Statement

The landscape of cloud is constructed by real life. It is a reflection of real world. We upload all kinds of matters in any kind of circumstance to the cloud which located miles away – we somehow project our inner status to the virtual, co-create the form of cloud together which reflects to real world, virtualise the real, make virtual a real, construct the new nation of virtual reality: a world of mixed-virtual-reality.

There is nine clouds in the installation, and the ninth cloud is defined as the highest and the most far away cloud in “International Cloud Atlas” at 1896, just like the cloud of internet which is far away from us with high speed in operation, but closes to our life at the same time, mixes and connects with two different worlds, projects and reflects the matters of real world.

The work involves audience participation through social media engagement, provoke audience from all walks of life to interact and navigate between online and offline, play along the borders between virtualiity & reality. Look at the cloud, and think of where you actually are, is there really an incision between?


雲端的風景建構自現實的生活,是現實世界的反射,我們把生活各種上載到雲端, 通過上載分享去萬里之外的虛擬領域,投射自己的某刻某種狀態;因此而集體改變虛擬雲端的現狀,雲端的變化又反射到真實世界, 把現實虛擬化、虛擬現實化, 建立出虛擬實體的新國度- 我們就正正活在這個虛實不分的世界之下。這個作品中有九朵雲, 第九朵雲 (the ninth cloud) 在 1896年的 International Cloud Atlas 中的定義是飛得最高和最遠, 像我們的虛擬網絡一樣高速運作中, 好像在離我們很遠的雲端, 卻和現實混合與連結,反映及反射現實世界的種種。


Commissioned by
Hong Kong Museum of Arts

“NOT a fashion store!”
2021.03.19 – 2022.01.05
The Wing, G/F and 1/F
Hong Kong Museum of Arts


2021.03.19 – 2022.01.05
地下及1樓 別館

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