Stand Up,
Light Up,
Shape Up


Artist Statement

When you own an a country, you can own light. You can own prosperity, culture and civilisation.
Yet light becomes luxury when you cannot afford bulbs. They struggle for lights, a basic right. And they struggle to read.
Change their lives with light. Stand up and come close to the people, light them up and shape their future up.

This is interactive installation, it doesn’t have the fixed shape. The final shape of the candle is the end of the show day, and depending on whether we stand up and come closer to the candle.

*This is an interactive installation for International Amnesty 50th anniversary with the topic “Light Up”.


當富有得可以買起一個國家,明火通明閃耀全城,光,文明 ,繁榮綁在一起;當貧窮得連一個燈泡都是奢侈,寒窗苦讀 鑿壁偷光都有難度,基本人權都要掙扎求全。願意靠近到他 們面前,照亮他們,用光改變他們的生命,創造他們的未來


這是為國際特赦組織的五十周年,以Light Up 為主題創作的作品。
© Keith Lam 2023