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(2022 - 23)

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“The new media are not bridges between man and nature; they are nature” by Marshall McLuhan

In 1974, Nam June Paik, the celebrated artist commonly hailed as the father of video art, brought together television sets and subtropical plants in his work “TV Garden”, conceptualising a world interwoven with technologies and nature – a portrayal of the interplay of lives and technologies. Parallelly, renowned media theorist Marshall McLuhan once pointed out that human participation, with the use of electronic technologies, in nature has unveiled a new epoch in culture and history. Such technologies have developed into the breeding ground for new ideas and rules regarding how humankind should contemplate nature, the environment, the order of the universe, the relationships among societies, and even aesthetics. The evolution of technologies has brought prodigious advantages to our lives. To some extent, they seemingly resemble God's omnipotence – revitalising drylands and reversing deaths. Nature and technologies are now in perfect symbiosis, which runs on a reciprocal cycle.

Commissioned by this exhibition, “TTTV Garden” is a pop-up garden. It mimics the agricultural technique widely adopted by indoor vertical farming – the method controls the spectrum of the LED lights in the environment to optimise plant growth. Indeed, TV screen, a medium through which we learn about the world, is a rendition of this very technique. Through learning and analysing the motions and the colour spectrum of the 24-hour news, the computer stimulation transmits and televises such data on the overhead screen in “TTTV Garden”, making it the “sky” that not only feeds information to the public, but also provides lights for the plants in the environment. The interaction between virtuality and reality provides a two-way stimulation to lives, resulting in a mutually inclusive loop.

Audience not only can experience this intriguing cycle of co-existence in person, they can also tune in on Twitch, where the plants will be live-streamed and documented continuously; it allows the audience to witness the development of the created sky and growth of the plants in real time, while reflecting on the conflicts and possibilities resulting in the interdependence of nature and technologies.

Artificial and Technology nutriate and intervene nature, 
is nature still nature? 
This is the New Nature of our future?
Or, we are already in the New Nature, and lives like the plant of TTTV Garden? 
「新媒體不是人和自然的橋樑;它們就是自然」—— 馬素‧麥克魯

1974年國際錄像之父白南準在他的作品《電視花園》(TV Garden)中,把電視機與亞熱帶植物並置在一起,假想科技和自然交織一起的世界,這是生命連結科技的呈現。而著名媒體理論家馬素‧麥克魯曾指出,人類以電子技術干預自然,揭開了文化歷史的新世元。它為人們如何思考自然、環境、宇宙的秩序、社會關係以至美學提供了新的概念和法則。兩者連通,藝術家思考到當科技的進化為人類生活帶來各種優越的演變便利,甚至似神造之技把弄大自然 —— 令乾旱土地再次濕潤、逆轉枯死等,科技與自然已透達共生,並進入了相互影響的存在循環。

是次展覽委託的作品《天屏地園》是一座期間種植的園圃,挪用了原用於室內垂直農作的植物培養法 —— LED光譜植物養植技術,應用同樣的光學科技讓LED中的光源成為營飼生命的光。我們認識這個世界的其一媒介 —— LED 屏幕,正正隱藏了這種營飼植物的技術。作品中屏幕的內容,擷取24小時新聞媒體的影像,通過動態及顏色圖譜分析,機器學習構成植物頭頂上的一片天空 — 電子媒體除了飼養資訊給大眾,同時也營飼著大自然大環境,人工真實與現實交互影響,生命被虛實雙向刺激,與之反饋塑形,造成循環共生的狀態。



Commissioned by Hong Kong Design Institute
香港知專設計學院 委託創作

Hylozoism: An Arts & Technology Exhibition

Philips Beesley (Canada) 
Keith Lam (Hong Kong)
Ellen Pau (Hong Kong)
Ryuichi Sakamoto x Daito Manabe (Japan) 
fuse* (Italy) 
Joel Kwong, Keith Lam

Date|03.12.2022 until 02.04.2023
Opening Hours|10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (Closed on Tuesdays, 4 Dec & 11 Dec 2022)
Venue|HKDI Gallery, Hong Kong Design Institute
Access|Tiu Keng Leng MTR Exit A2

Free Admission


菲力浦.畢斯雷 (加拿大)
林欣傑 (香港) 
鮑藹倫 (香港) 
坂本龍一 x 真鍋大度 (日本)
fuse* (意大利)


日期 |03.12.2022至02.04.2023
開放時間 |10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (逢星期二、12月4日以及12月11日休館)
地址|香港知專設計學院HKDI Gallery


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