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Urban Invader series since 2009, first workshop had been held in New Media Arts Series in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. And the second one held in Taipei, playaround workshop. It arrived Hong Kong finally in September of 2010. This is one of the workshop in Wikitopia Festival organized by Videotage. It is a two-days workshop, participants are all made a device: CO1 collector. They then went on the street to collect CO1. And the data finally be used to generate a graphics or motion graphics. We will open the instruction and flow of making this CO1 collector, and everyone would make one to be the team of Urban Invader.

Urban Invader系列在2009年開始,先在香港視覺藝術中心的新媒體系列出現,然後2010年七月到了台灣的playaround workshop。2010年九月終於到香港,這次在Videotage舉辦的Wikitopia Festival中主持了一次一連兩天的Urban Invader 工作坊。參加者,義工們都在dimension+ 的工作室製造了Urban Invader的行裝:一氧化碳收集器(暫名),走到街上收集一氧化碳。這些數據稍後將會成為Urban Invader系列作品的基礎。 我們將會把這個一氧化碳收集器的製作方法和流程整理並分享,邀請大家也製作一個,加入我們成為都市入侵者!
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